August Life

Holland always had a strong, fruitful and enjoyable metal scene whose foundations were laid by notorious heavy acts such as VENGEANCE, BODINE, HELLOISE, HIGHWAY CHILE and VANDENBERG. Nowadays the Dutch scene is overcrowded and highly dominated by a wide variety of death, thrash, speed and female fronted metal bands. Within this distinguishable yet gratifying scene, a new powerful Phoenix has risen: AUGUST LIFE.

Their debut album NEW ETERNITY was recorded at Jack’s Place in Meerle, Belgium, with producer Jack Nobelen (HORIZON, ACCEPT). The CD was released late August 2018 and the vinyl May 2019 through NO DUST RECORDS. The reactions of fans and magazines were overwhelming. To give the NEW ETERNITY release that extra quite some interesting guests participated on their debut album. Guest performances include those from Rob van der Loo (bass guitars, EPICA, DELAIN, MAYAN), Peter Vink (bass guitars, Q65, AYREON, STAR ONE), Marchell Remeeus (bass guitars, HIGHWAY CHILE, HELLOISE), Harry den Hartog (bass guitars, BREAKING THE CHAINS), Amelie Mangelschots (backing vocals, AURACLE), Madicken De Vries (backing vocals, ANNATAR, HEIDEVOLK), Samantha Greenwood (backing vocals), Hein van Berkel (piano) and Jacqueline Hamelink (cello, SOUNDING BODIES).

AUGUST LIFE started hitting the road in 2019 doing great shows with established bands like PRAYING MANTIS and TYGERS OF PAN TANG. 2020 was to kick of with great live shows to develop the brand name AUGUST LIFE even further with great musical outfits like TYKETTO and THRESHOLD internationally. The machine was really running on steam when suddenly COVID-19 temporarily put AUGUST LIFE‘s live victory march on hold. Because it is impossible to stop this band, however, early 2021 AUGUST LIFE released the MCD THE BROKEN HOURGLASS (NO DUST RECORDS). A more than justified harbinger of the successor of NEW ETERNITY containing a BRAND NEW SPECIAL EDITION song called The Broken Hourglass! THE BROKEN HOURGLASS also includes 4 brilliant live recordings, splendidly mixed and mastered by Jack Nobelen (HORIZON, ACCEPT) plus a very special version of the song Nevermore with guest performer René Kroon (SUN CAGED) who joined the band later in 2021.

AUGUST LIFE 2021 is:
Bryan Ketelaars - Lead vocals (AURACLE, ARMAGEDDON)
Hans in 't Zandt - Drums, Backing vocals (PRAYIS MANTIS, VENGEANCE)
Ronald Pieterse - Bass, Backing vocals (DISQUIET, DIVINE REBELLION)

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