As with great guitars, great music ages well.
How about tapping the source! Here’s a band that have paid their dues, boast a track record all over Europe and even Russia, proved their longevity and are still going wild on stage as ever! Wherever they go, they MAKE their presence!

Founded in 1982 under the name of SWORD and changed to JEWEL in 1986. Bringers the Dutch Metal classics Excalibur, La Morta! and Circle of Despair. Internationally revered for their signature riff’n licks and over the top wild live shows. Currently attracting a new generation of metal heads that want to witness the band that took part in the invention of the music they love.

Revamped in 2014 and hitting the live circuit as ever: to the max!
Inspired by the reactions to their live shows, they’re working on new material, to be released soon.

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